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Why is it necessary to have a lead inspection?
Lead based paint in your home can cause a wide range of health problems. Lead is particularly dangerous to children under 6. Elevated levels of lead in children can cause learning disabilities, permanent brain damage, and numerous other medical conditions including death in severe poisoning cases. To find more information on the effects of lead in your home you could visit some of the links found on our home page.

If my house is tested I am afraid it will have a “stigma”.
This is a common theme heard by inspectors. The fact is in Massachusetts, if your house is built before 1978 it is assumed you have lead paint and the Lead Law applies whether you have been tested or not. Massachusetts is also a “Strict Liability” state, which means that homeowners may be liable for criminal and/or civil violations. In cases of child lead-poisonings homeowners may be sued for medical expenses, special education costs, potential lost lifetime earnings, and many other damages.

I had an inspection, now what?
If no lead hazards are found, you would receive a Letter of Initial Compliance and a Fact Sheet for Maintaining Compliance. If lead hazards are found then you have a few options. You can hire a licensed deleader to perform all deleading activities. The state also offers an alternative to people who want to do the work themselves. Owners or someone acting as the owner/agent can take a one day class in order to receive an authorization number from the state to do low or moderate risk deleading. Information about the Owner/Agent Moderate Risk Training can be found by calling the Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) at (800) 532-8571. After deleading activities are completed a licensed inspector must perform a re-inspection and take a set of dust wipes

What is the state tax credit?
Homeowners are eligible for a state tax credit of up to $1500.00 per unit for full deleading. Please contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue or a tax professional for more information about the Lead Paint Removal Tax Credit.
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