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When it comes to lead inspections, make sure you hire the most highly trained, state licensed inspectors with the most accurate equipment. Call Affordable Lead Inspections at 978-766-4499 today for your FREE estimate.

Fast Residential and Commercial Lead Detection
If you own an older home, daycare, school or commercial building, safety comes first and lead poisoning can be detrimental to the health of daily occupants. We provide SAME-DAY lead inspection results, so you don’t have to lose sleep wondering about the safety of your children or students. You can’t go wrong with a FREE estimate Keep your family, students and customers lead safe and call 978-766-4499 for a FREE estimate today!

Thorough Lead Analysis and Compliance Inspections
- Dust Sample Analysis - Mandatory requirement of the state after clean up of any lead paint disturbance
- Clean up must be performed by a properly trained licensed and / or certified individual.
- Comprehensive initial inspections
- Lead determinations
- Post compliance assessment determination
- Re-inspections and re-occupancy re-inspection
- Full de-leading re-inspection and PCAD re-inspection

The Older the Home the Higher the Risk
Homes built before 1940 have an 87% likelihood of containing harmful lead paint, while homes constructed between 1940 and 1960 have a 69% chance of having lead in them. Even the 24% chance that homes build from 1961 to 1978 is too high to take the risk of damage to the brain, kidneys and nervous system caused by an elevated lead level.

Contact Affordable Lead Inspector at 978-766-4499 for a FREE estimate when you need lead inspections or suspect you have lead paint in your home.

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